Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995 in Phaltan, Satara district, Maharashtra. For Govind Milk, the primary intention behind launching the company was to help  and empower farmers, who were suffering at the hands of local vendors. Since its inception, Govind Milk has fast emerged as a nationally renowned, quality conscious dairy brand for best quality milk products and online cow milk products, happily cherished by lakhs of consumers in India.

Govind Milk’s production facility at Phaltan is a prime milk shed area, resplendent with abundant water, fodder, and power supply. This strategic aspect greatly consolidates Govind’s in-house milk production capabilities and milk processing systems.

As the top dairy manufacturer in India, Govind Milk has demonstrated its commitment to dairy excellence, product innovation, cattle welfare, farmer development and consumer satisfaction.

Govind Milk & Milk Products

Explore our range of best quality milk products

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    Instant Basundi Mix
    Basundi Mix 60

    Basundi Mix – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 125 gm
    ◼️ Maharashtra’s traditional desert made with milk
    ◼️ Make delicious and authentic Basundi in a few minutes
    ◼️ All ingredients mixed perfectly
    ◼️ Rich with dry fruits

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    Govind Milk Dairy Whitener online
    Dairy Whitener govindmilk
    Dairy Whitener 220380

    Dairy Whitener – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Enjoy the goodness of milk anytime anywhere.

    ◼️ Ideal for tea, coffee or your favourite desert

    ◼️ Easy and convenient.

    ◼️ Packed with all the nutrients and benefits of fresh milk

    Ingredients of Dairy whitener

    ◼️ Partly skimmed milk

    ◼️ Sugar

    ◼️ Stabilizer E 339(ii) & E 339(iii)

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    Buy Flavoured Milk Powder Online
    Funzz Flavoured Milk 200ml Bottle (Pack of 12) 306

    Funzz Flavoured Milk – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 200 ml
    ◼️ Best alternative for carbonated drinks.
    ◼️ Sweetened dairy drink made with milk, sugar, permitted colorings and artificial or natural flavorings.
    ◼️ A longer shelf-life than plain milk in the refrigerator.
    ◼️ Govind’s flavored milk is sold in 200 ml bottles and available in following flavours.

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    Govind Milk Gulab Jamun Mix
    Gulab Jamun Mix 48149

    Gulab Jamum Mix – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 100 GM, 180 GM, 200 GM
    ◼️ Make everyone’s favourite Gulab Jamun in minutes
    ◼️ Very convenient to make
    ◼️ Authentic taste like homemade ones


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    Buy Lassi Online
    Buy Lassi Online at Best Price | Govind
    Lassi 200 ml (Pack of 15) 355

    UHT Lassi 200 ml – Govind Milk

    ◾ Weight – 200ml
    ◾ A sweet and delicious drink to cool the heat off
    ◾ It is a fermented liquid milk product
    ◾ Govind’s ‘Lassi’ is the first choice for its unforgettable taste & thickness
    ◾ A healthy alternative for aerated and sweetened drinks

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    Buy Mango Lassi
    Tetra Mango Lassi 200 ml (Pack of 15) -Govind milk
    Mango Lassi 200 ml (Pack of 15) 365

    Mango Lassi 200 ml – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 200ml
    ◼️ A calcium-rich natural drink
    ◼️ Helps in improving digestion and is a rich source of probiotics.
    ◼️ We offer mango flavoured lassi for all sweet lovers!

  • Masala Chaas 200 ml (Pack of 15) 225

    Masala Chaas – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 200 ml
    ◼️ Chaas is buttermilk which is a fermented liquid milk product
    ◼️ Contains lactic acid bacteria and proteins
    ◼️ It has a tangy taste.
    ◼️ Healthy paneer whey is used in making ‘chass’
    ◼️ Helps in digestion and boost energy

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    Mattha (मठ्ठा ) Pack of 15 290

    Mattha ( मठ्ठा ) – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Serving Size – 180 ml
    ◼️ Best alternative for carbonated drinks.
    ◼️ With tetra pack, plain milk has a longer shelf life in the refrigerator than plain milk.

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    Hillsandvalley Organic Ghee buy online
    Organic Ghee 499899

    Organic Ghee – Hills And Valley

    ◼️ Weight – 250ml, 500ml
    ◼️ The colour of ghee is golden yellow due to the carotene pigment present in cow’s milk.
    ◼️ Ideal taste and aroma.
    ◼️ It is also rich in natural vitamins & antioxidants available in milk fat.
    ◼️ ‘Ayurveda’- the ancient Indian medical science recommends daily consumption of ghee made from cow’s milk.

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    Buy Pure cow ghee online
    Pure Cow Ghee 9010,999

    Pure Cow Ghee – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 5Ltr, 1000ml, 15 Kg
    ◼️ Ghee is clarified form of butter
    ◼️ No added colours or flavours
    ◼️ Ghee contains a minimum of 99.7% fat and not more than 0.3 % moisture.
    ◼️ Govind Cow Ghee is made from pure cow milk
    ◼️ Easily digestible

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    Buy Ragi Kheer Mix Online
    Govind Ragi kheer mix in ingredients
    Ragi Kheer Mix Powder 100 Gm 55

    Ragi Kheer Mix Powder – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 100gm
    ◼️ A healthy choice of a desert.
    ◼️ Enjoy the Ragi Kheer made in minutes with Govind’s Ragi Kheer Mix.
    ◼️ Very delicious.

    Out of stock

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    Buy Rice Kheer Mix Online
    Govind Rice Kheer Mix ingredients
    Rice Kheer Mix 49

    Rice Kheer Mix – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 100gm
    ◼️ Easy to make. Tasty to eat.
    ◼️ Delicious and healthy desert
    ◼️ Follow the instruction and make it at home

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    Buy Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer Mix Online
    Buy Ragi kheer mix online-back side
    Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer 100 Gm 60

    Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer 100 Gm – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight- 100gm
    ◼️ The royal kind of desserts
    ◼️ Rich with dry fruits
    ◼️ All ingredients mixed perfectly

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    Buy Skimmed Milk Powder Online
    Skimmed Milk Powder 214430

    Skimmed Milk Powder – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Highly recommended for growing children.
    ◼️ Govind’s Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) is also used for making various mixes, manufacturing of ice-creams and biscuits.
    ◼️ FSS License Number – 10012022001133

  • Skimmed Milk Powder 200 gm (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) 130

    Skimmed Milk Powder 200 gm – Govind Milk

    ◼️ It’s having milk anywhere any time
    ◼️ Goodness of milk packed in powder
    ◼️ Skimmed Milk Powder is made by evaporation of milk. It contains not more than 1.5% fat.
    ◼️ A rich source of protein, as it contains 35% milk protein.
    ◼️ FSS License Number – 10012022001133

Know more about our products

Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee is a pure golden clarified fat, derived solely from organic milk, desi butter or organic milk cream to which no artificial colouring is added.

Buy fresh organic cow ghee online
govind Fresh and pure cow milk

Cow Milk

Milk is a complete source of food and primary nutrition for all age groups. Milk contains  essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats and antioxidants.

Instant Product Mix

Enjoy the best ingredients and tasty delicacies in a jiffy at home, with a range of instant mixes from Govind Milk.

Instant Milk Mixture Products
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