Govind’s legacy is congenitally linked with the shaping of Phaltan’s necessities…

Govind is a brand that delivers purely sourced milk and milk products fresh from the farm…

Govind has a state-of-the-art facility, with product-driven execution and adaptable…

The foundation of Govind and its success has been possible because of…

The man behind the brand

The Happy Makers:

“We as a brand spread happiness by taking responsibility for our farmers, partners, employees and eventually our consumers”.

About Govind

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Our vision is to guarantee consumer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of quality and value. Simultaneously, we aim to empower our farmers, fostering self-dependence and happiness among them.

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Our mission is to empower farmers to efficiently produce premium dairy products, establishing ourselves as a cherished brand for consumers, envied by competitors, and valued by shareholders.

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We adhere to the core values of farmer-centric commitment, quality assurance, community partnership, integrity, and innovation in all our undertakings. We aim for exceptional customer service in every aspect of our operations.


Govind Milk was established in 1995


22k+ farmers associated with Govind Milk

30 Tons

30 tons of milk fat is converted to butter & ghee daily.

30,000 Kg

We manufacture 30,000 kg milk powder on a given day

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