Our Farmers

The foundation of Govind and its success has been made possible through the cooperation, enthusiasm, and dedication of our farmer friends. It is accurate to say that these farmer friends were instrumental in Govind’s emergence as a brand. The committed work of our dairy farming families sets the company apart.

Dairy farming at Govind demands additional care and specific methods to achieve elevated standards of milk, capabilities our farmers holistically possess. Govind takes pride in honoring the spirit of its farming community, who have persistently produced high-quality and nutritious milk for two to three decades.

What began as a non-entrepreneurial entity has, with the support of its farming community, marked a remarkable journey to the forefront of the dairy industry in India. This success is attributed to the community sense and transparent bond between the farmers and Govind as a whole, illustrating the strong and deep connection our farmers share with the brand.

Our farmer community holds a significant role in Govind’s success story, acknowledged and actively nurtured by the company for their overall growth and development. This commitment has led the company to initiate a program under the banner of the Govind Foundation, providing assistance to farmers through training and education, empowering them to be self-sufficient.

Govind takes pride in the farming community associated with it for their perpetual and consistent dedication to the brand. Today, Govind is proudly associated with more than 25,00,000 farmers, creating an imperishable and integrated space and spreading smiles across the community, empowering them to believe in themselves.

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