Yearly Contract

Yearly Contract – Animal Husbandry System

A yearly contract signed with the farmers, against a nominal amount enables them to provide their animals with vaccination, training on constructing loose housing, etc., maximizing the productivity at a low cost.

Annual veterinary contract

Veterinary doctors are concentrating on prevention rather than treatment

Prevention by timely

◈ Vaccination programme
◈ Deworming Programme
◈ Loose housing Management

Housing Improvement Programme

◈ Low cost & multi beneficial loose housing model

Reduction of feeding cost

◈ Educating the farmers to maintain all type of accounts & records
◈ Use of good quality “Green Fodder”

  ◈ Production
  ◈ Preservation

      ◈ Silage
      ◈ Hay

  ◈ Use by enrichment of unconventional “Dry Fodder” by

      ◈ Urea Treatment
      ◈ Salt Treatment
      ◈ Molasses Treatment
      ◈ Jaggary Treatment

◈ Use alternatives to Expensive cattle feed

◈ Feed formulation by ration balancing

      ◈ Use of cheap & easy available graing eg. maize, Jawar
      ◈ Use of cakes eg. Groundnut, Cottenseed
      ◈ Use of mineral mixture

◈ Breed improvement

      ◈ By quality semen supply
      ◈ Controlled breeding policy

◈ Calf Rearing Programme

      ◈ Low cost housing
      ◈ Low cost feeding
      ◈ Attention to health status

◈ Timely On Time Primary Veterinary Support

◈ Training

      ◈ For loose housing
      ◈ Ration balancing
      ◈ Fodder production
      ◈ Animal management

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