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Govind boasts a state-of-the-art facility characterized by product-driven execution and adaptable automation, fostering flexibility in manufacturing operations. The factory is well-equipped with a sophisticated operation management system that facilitates mass production, innovative packaging, and a smart quality control system, optimizing the entire value chain.

The central processing plant, responsible for pre-processing requirements, is automated with a SCADA system. This system allows for precise control and monitoring of each process at multiple levels, collecting and recording details of every parameter for ongoing evaluation. The plant is adept at handling intricate operations like bactofugation or de-odourization, ensuring the highest quality output.

The fresh milk pouch packing section features high-speed advanced packing machines, ensuring consistent and completely leak-proof packaging. The powder plant is constructed with a stable civil structure, meeting all food safety design requirements. Its meticulous design facilitates the uniform flow of both manpower and material, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The plant incorporates an in-built auto-sampling system for holistic batch testing, in addition to intermittent samples. In-line magnetic traps and high-end metal detectors are installed in the powder plant to ensure the product is free from metallic substances. Govind has introduced a new UHT plant customized to handle various products such as milkshakes, fermented products, fruit juices, indigenous milk-based desserts, and plant-based energy drinks.

The entire UHT operations, from pre-processing to final packing, are entirely automated, ensuring flawless and top-notch production. The fermented products section, managing items like curd, lassi, and buttermilk, is structured to achieve a capacity-balancing setup at each stage of the process, resulting in deviation-free production. High-speed bottle filling, online leak detection, and SCADA-controlled sterilization processes guarantee the consistent quality of Govind’s flavored milk bottles.

The paneer production unit is automated with SCADA, maintaining consistent quality while preserving nutrients. The infrastructure allows the delivery of the best quality paneer in various formats, including ambient storage paneer (packed in tins), cold storage paneer, and frozen storage paneer. This makes “Govind Milk & Milk Products” the most trusted and finest dairy health companion for consumers.

Govind’s quality control department, known for its precision and discipline, ensures rigorous and stringent checks for each product. The use of FT1 for each raw milk tanker highlights the dedication to thorough quality checks. Collaborations with esteemed brands like Mondelez, Barry Callebaut, and Ferrero demonstrate the robust quality setup at the brand’s factory.

Production activities are backed up by utilities such as steam generators and power generators to ensure uninterrupted production around the clock. Govind has a substantial water treatment plant with a UV therapy system for clean water used in all cleaning activities. The brand manages its factory waste efficiently with an in-house effluent treatment plant, utilizing treated effluent for gardening and external cleaning activities.

In a commitment to energy conservation, Govind has set up a 1MW solar park, with approximately 15% of daily energy production consumed in the factory for production activities. The implementation of the SAP accounting system accurately records activities from raw milk reception to product dispatch, enabling the generation of customized reports. This facilitates continuous improvement, helping the management make informed decisions at the right time.

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