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Govind’s legacy is intrinsically linked to the development of Phaltan’s necessities and sustainability. This linkage has planted the seeds of its core values, evolving into the foundational base of the company’s vision and mission. This, in turn, fortifies the company’s philosophy, making it stronger and more holistic. Deeply embedded in the essence of Phaltan, Govind’s brand value is unique in defining both “What We Are” and “What We Firmly Believe In.”

Govind Milk and Milk Products have successfully emerged as one of the most beloved family brands in this competitive landscape, owing to its functionality and the initiation of CSR activities by the company. The brand’s success is attributable to the unwavering support, dedication, and enthusiasm of its farmers, leading to the establishment of the ‘Govind Foundation.’ This foundation collaborates closely with farmers, devising creative solutions that optimize existing resources at minimal costs to support their overall development and growth.

Furthermore, the foundation aids dairy farmers in producing substantial milk volumes without harming animals through training, education, and additional support. The brand has pioneered the ‘Free Housing Cattle’ program, a novel and distinctive initiative that has garnered global attention. The program involves allowing animals to roam freely in nature instead of confining them under shade for grazing. This initiative has not only enhanced the overall health of the animals but also addressed environmental concerns. It facilitates easier farm cleaning with reduced water consumption due to the absence of animals on the farm.

The foundation also ensures the provision of organic feed to the animals, promoting their well-being and reducing methane emissions, which is environmentally beneficial. This innovative concept has received acclaim and funding from organizations like Solidaridad and Trouw Nutrition, contributing to the brand’s unique and idiosyncratic value. The ‘Free Housing Cattle’ concept has gained recognition from organizations such as ISDA (International Society for Development and Sustainability), IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), and the Food and Agricultural organizations of the United Nations.

Govind has been honored with various awards and accolades at the national level, including the Vasant Rao Naik Animal Husbandry Award for extensive free housing for animals in rural areas and the Best Extension Veterinarian Award for providing excellent veterinary services to dairy cattle. What started as an initiative to alleviate distress from the land is now a proud employer of over 1500+ individuals. The brand’s association with more than 25,00,000 farmers has elevated its visibility and value on an international scale. Govind is not just a brand; it has evolved into an emotion at all levels of its societal associations. It ensures sustainable and futuristic development for all its stakeholders, ushering in a future filled with possibilities and happiness, thereby continually increasing its brand value along the journey.

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