Dahi Fresh & Thick

Fresh Dahi made from just fresh and pure cow milk

An Indian meal is incomplete without Dahi. Govind Fresh Dahi is a naturally creamy, lusciously thick dairy product that can be creatively adapted in a variety of dishes.

With Govind, you can buy Fresh Dahi at the best price, at your nearest Govind retail outlet, or grocery supermarket.  Watch out for exciting offers on Govind’s online milk and milk products.  

Dahi is a semi-soft, slightly sour, active culture fermentation product of milk. It is made under strict hygienic conditions and always maintains consistency in taste. Govind ‘Dahi’ is relished for its texture, smoothness, and freshness as part of a diet compromising healthy cow milk products.

It contains fat in the range of 4 – 4.5% and its shelf life is 15 days. It is always stored at 0-4 °C. It is advisable not to keep Dahi in deep freeze or else it loses its texture. Dahi contains probiotic active cultures or bacteria, which help us to increase our immune system. 

The availability of online milk and milk products has become a boon for consumers seeking premium dairy quality and convenience. 

Packaging size as follows :

Cup Pack Poly Pack
80 gm 150 gm
150 gm 200 gm
200 gm 500 gm
400 gm 1 kg
2000 gm 5 kg

Govind Dahi Nutritional Information Per 100g (Approx)

Energy 60 Kcal
Total Carbohydrates 4.52 g
Protein 3.60 g
Total Fat 3.0 g
Saturated Fat Not more than 2.25 % by weight
Trans Fat Not more than 0.01 % by weight
Added Sugar 0.0 g
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