Whole Milk Powder

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With Healthy cow milk products online in Mumbai, Govind offers a wide range.  Whole milk powder is a widely appreciated product.

Packed with the goodness of Pure cow milk or full cream cow milk by Govind in the powder form, the Whole Milk Powder is ideal to drink or to make tea or coffee anywhere.

You can buy whole milk powder online from Govinds online store. Quick delivery, right price and best quality are guaranteed. This company offers the best cow milk products in india.

Powdered milk has a surprisingly wide variety of uses, including in the production of infant formula,sauces, yogurt, chocolate, whipped cream coffee creamer and milk powder even cottage cheese. Powdered milk has the same nutrition as fresh milk.This powder is easier to store and transport.

Specification as follows : 

Bag HDPE Jar
25 Kg 10 Kg
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