Shrikhand + Keshar

Indulge in the rich and luscious taste of Govind Milk’s  Shrikhand + Keshar, elevated with ultra-luxurious saffron and fresh fermented curd. It’s just what you need to add sweetness and happiness to your daily meals or delight your guests at home. Celebrate big and small occasions with our Shrikhand + Keshar.

Packaging size as follows :

Cup Pack 250 gm, 500 gm

Govind Shrikhand + Keshar Nutritional Information per 100g (Approx.)

Energy 269 Kcal
Fat5.6 g
Trans Fat Not more than 0.1 % by weight
Saturated Fat Not more than 4.8 % by weight
Protein 5.7 g
Total Carbohydrates 48.6 g
Added Sugar 44.1 g
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