Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer

Just like the name suggests, the Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer Mix is a royal treat for all families. It contains raisins, almonds, dry dates, pistachios, cardamom and shatavari powder for a truly healthy and delicious dessert. It is made with 100% pure cow ghee and can be prepared in just 2 easy steps. You can serve it hot or cold, depending on the weather and your mood!

Packaging size as follows :

Packing Specification100 g

Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer
Nutritional Information Per 100g (Approx)

Energy 403 kcal
Protein6.22 g
Total Carbohydrates 84.8 g
Added Sugar 46.9 g
Total Fat 6.2 g
Saturated Fatty Acid 4.57 g
Mono unsaturated Fatty Acid 3.41 g
Poly unsaturated Fatty Acid 1.56 g
Trans Fatty Acid <0.001 g
Cholesterol 10.4 mg
Calcium 250 mg
Sodium (as Na)145 mg
Phosphorus 12.0 mg
Vitamin A 18.90 mcg
Riboflavin8.6 mg
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