Our People

Govind is a busy place with a lots of activity all in partnership with the environment. Wonderful long term staff members and long term associations from suppliers to customers to growers to bankers and consultants. In 1995, a man decided to bring sustainably produced milk from our farm to market by starting a different kind of dairy enterprise focused on the best milk that you can buy. We do this because we are driven to keep farming. For us it is more than a business, it’s what we live and breathe. While we love the life we lead, we know that passion alone is not enough to keep the family on the land.

We started Govind to deliver the best tasting milk you will drink to as many people as possible supporting the community economically for which it was formed.

The sustainable dairy chain with the support of regenerative farming practises underpinned by scientifically proven methods, cows live longer, have more lactations and achieve higher milk productions. This approach ensures the best health and welfare of the cattles the farm and the people. This principle is based on the philosophy to close as many loops within the operations as possible.it is turning waste into a valuable resources and value adding along the supply chain.

Any organisation wanting to instantly recall for their brand can not work by relying on the thinking leadership alone. This needs to percolate through out the organization. Every employee should be driven by the vision their leader has set for them. They should make it a mission to make their brand as the most popular one. That’s what our MD did, instead of focusing on the marketing efforts he also set eyes on the people. He made sure that be speaks to each department and make the changes possible. This was his vision that from a milk producing farmer to a delivery executive, everyone of us understands the importance of increasing our brand value.
This is how Govind is what it is today! The working environment of Govind has entirely changed the perspective of perceiving each nitty gritty details that makes it as a wholesome company.

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