Govind Milk Brand

Govind’s legacy congenitally is  linked with the shaping up of Phaltan’s necessities and sustainability…

Milk Products farm

Govind is a brand that delivers purely sourced milk and milk products fresh from the farm to your houses…

Factory staff

Govind is a busy place with a lots of activity all in partnership with the environment. Wonderful long term…

Govind dairy farmers

Govind is proud to honour the spirit of Govind’s farming community for persistently producing high quality..

The man behind the brand

From Our Family to Yours

Our success is driven by a combination of factors. Our dedicated team thrives under the leadership of our supportive Board and visionary management. Almarai’s state-of-the-art infrastructure incorporates centralized and advanced processing plants. Our talent for innovation is reinforced by world-class marketing and distribution expertise.

About Govind

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Milk Power

Our vision is to ensure the satisfaction of both farmers and consumers by consistently delivering value and quality. We aim to create happiness across the entire value chain.

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Our mission is to Empower farmers with advanced practices, optimizing milk yield and quality, and produce premium dairy products qualitatively and efficiently to become a cherished brand for consumers, envied by competitors and valued by shareholders.

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Govind Milk Products

We believe in honesty and integrity which we carry over in our entire business culture. We are committed to serve our consumers by providing high quality products. We take responsibility for not only the overall growth and development of our Farmers, investors and employees but also for our cattles to remain healthy and safe.

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