Taste the dairy legacy of best cow milk products in India. Bring home Govind Plain Chaas& Masala Chaas.

Refreshing Govind Plain Chaas is churned from rich curd, with the goodness of fresh and pure cow milk.

A curd based natural Indian refreshment, which is much beloved by consumers as a digestive appetizer, Govind Plain Chaas can be classified as one of the best cow milk products in India.

Even if you’re looking to buy Chaas online at best price, Govind Plain Chaas reaches you with handy convenience. 

Savour Cool Authentic Flavours with Govind Masala Chaas. 

Govind Masala Chaas acts like an enlivened nutritious desi cooler, for your health and well-being.

Generously flavoured with authentic taste of Indian spices, the rich curd based refreshment packs the authentic goodness of fresh and pure cow milk

Known as Taak in Maharashtra, it is generally had after a meal or regularly consumed in summer to beat the heat. As a fermented liquid milk product containing lactic acid bacteria, the buttermilk has a tangy taste. Paneer Whey is used in making Chaas, thus boosting it with proteins. 

Govind Chaas is available in the following 2 flavours:

  1. Salted Plain Chaas
  2. Masala Chaas

Packaging sizes as follows : 

Poly Pack
200 Gm
500 Gm
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