3 Cheers to Lassi – India’s Most Beloved Beverage

January 19, 2024
Did you know? Lassi, often referred to as the ancient smoothie, originated from Punjab and Multan in India around 1000 BC. It stands as the world's first yoghurt smoothie, crafted with fresh fruits or pure spices.

Today, Lassi is a cherished part of our lives, offering various Ayurvedic healing properties and a soothing effect on our minds and stomachs.

If you've experienced Punjab, you've likely tasted the mouth-watering, rich, and creamy Lassi available in every corner of the state. Now, with Govind Milk, savor the same authentic taste without the journey! We've added our twist for extra fun and refreshment!
Mango Lassi: Fruity Goodness
For mango lovers, our Mango Lassi brings a royal and majestic flavor profile to your taste buds, promising long-lasting happiness.
Sweet Lassi: Nostalgic Indulgence
Govind Milk's most authentic treat is a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks during hot months. Hydrate and refresh instantly, whether by the pool or on the go.
Lemon Lassi: Zesty Fun
Our recent addition, Lemon Lassi, offers a unique flavor combination with a delectable lemon juice concentrate, lifting your spirits and enhancing summer days.
Health Benefits of Lassi
Apart from being delicious, Lassi offers numerous health benefits:
• Protein-rich for muscle strength
• High in calcium for strong bones and teeth
• Supports digestive system function
• Probiotic nature reduces harmful bacteria in the stomach
• Energy-boosting hydration in hot summers
• May help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Fun Fact: The word "Lassi" comes from the Sanskrit word "Lassya," meaning to mix, as it blends dahi, water, sugar, and flavors. Traditionally served with a thick layer of cream in Punjab and flavored with cardamom and saffron in Rajasthan.

In India's rich diversity, enjoy various Lassi variations with Govind Milk by your side. We specialize in delighting taste buds with high-quality and flavorful milk products.

If you seek a burst of sunshine in a glass, relish our timeless and new classics to rejuvenate your mind and uplift your spirit!

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