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    Mattha (मठ्ठा ) Pack of 15 290

    Mattha ( मठ्ठा ) – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Serving Size – 180 ml
    ◼️ Best alternative for carbonated drinks.
    ◼️ With tetra pack, plain milk has a longer shelf life in the refrigerator than plain milk.

  • Masala Chaas 200 ml (Pack of 15) 225

    Masala Chaas – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 200 ml
    ◼️ Chaas is buttermilk which is a fermented liquid milk product
    ◼️ Contains lactic acid bacteria and proteins
    ◼️ It has a tangy taste.
    ◼️ Healthy paneer whey is used in making ‘chass’
    ◼️ Helps in digestion and boost energy

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    Funzz Flavoured Milk 200ml Bottle (Pack of 12) 306

    Funzz Flavoured Milk – Govind Milk

    ◼️ Weight – 200 ml
    ◼️ Best alternative for carbonated drinks.
    ◼️ Sweetened dairy drink made with milk, sugar, permitted colorings and artificial or natural flavorings.
    ◼️ A longer shelf-life than plain milk in the refrigerator.
    ◼️ Govind’s flavored milk is sold in 200 ml bottles and available in following flavours.

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