Ragi Kheer Mix Powder 100 Gm


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Ragi Kheer Mix Powder – Govind Milk

◼️ Weight – 100gm
◼️ A healthy choice of a desert.
◼️ Enjoy the Ragi Kheer made in minutes with Govind’s Ragi Kheer Mix.
◼️ Very delicious.

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Product Ragi Kheer mix
Intended Use Human consumption Product with a Nutritional label
Physical Characteristics Color-Off-brown Flavor &Taste- Pleasant & clean, no off flavors Appearance- Powdery, homogenous, no lumpsFree from extraneous matter, added color,
Chemical Characteristics Moisture by mass : Max 4 % Total Protein (on dry basis) by mass: 3-6 % Fat by mass (on dry basis): Max 6% Bulk Density: 0.90-1 g/mlAsh : Max 5 %
Bacteriological Characteristics Total plate count: Max 10000 cfu/g Coliform count per gram: Nil Yeast & mould : Nil E-coli- Ab/g Salmonella- Ab/25g Listeria Monocytogens- Ab/g Staphylococcus auerus- Ab/0.1g
Storage Store in cool, dry & hygienic place
Best before date Twelve months from date of manufacture


Process Blending
Food safety characteristics Moisture content
Ingredients Sugar, Ragi Flour, Milk solids, Raisins, Ghee, Cardamom Powder
Composition Taste & Flavour- Pleasant, free from objectionable flavor,
Texture& Appearance- Free flowing
Free from extraneous matter
Fat Content- Max 6 %
Calicum – 283 mg
Iron – 2.96 mg
Protein- 5.71 %
Bacteriological Characteristics TPC- Max 10000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mold- Max 10 cfu/g
Coliform- Ab/0.1g
E-coli- Ab/g
Salmonella- Ab/25g
Listeria Monocytogens- Ab/g
Staphylococcus auerus- Ab/0.1g
Method of preservation Dried ingredients blended hygienically and stored at ambient temperature
Storage condition At Ambient Temperature
Packing size Plain pouch- 100gm
Packaging – Initial Primary Packaging : met-poly pouch (aluminum foil), For secondary packaging – Paper laminated carton
Packaging – Transport Corrugated paper box
Transportation Through cleaned, Insulated vehicle.
Shelf life, use by or Best before period Best before 6 months from packaging when stored at cool and dry place.
Labelling Labelling -Name of Product, Name 0f company ,address, tel.no.of manufacturer, Best Before date, Batch Number, date of packing , net weight, Nutritional value, veg. symbol, FSSAI logo & license no, storage condition
intended use Human consumption (Age group: Above 1 year) ,
Misuse- If not used as per instructions on label.
Tampering of product.
Use of product after shelf life.
Applicable legal requirements FSSAI , The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011
Allergens Milk Protein, Tree Nuts


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