Govind celebrates World Environment Day by planting trees

The second wave of the Pandemic has underlined the need of oxygen and hence more trees. Therefore, Govind Milk and Milk Products decided to celebrate the World Environment Day in a more practical way. Being an organization closely associated with farmers, Govind understands what this planet needs for sustaining. The promoters of Govind not only expressed their concerned towards this issue, but they have also set an example from time to time.
On the Occassion of World Environment Day, on 5th June 2021 Govind celebrated this tree plantation program at the factory premise of Govind Milk. The first sapling was planted at the hands of Hon’ble Director Mr. Satyajeet sir. Almost all the members of Govind family including the key people took part in this drive. The other members from the team were Mr. Bhalla sir, Mr. Dhoot sir, Mr. Parihar sir, Mr. Jagtap sir, Mr. Hatturkar sir, Dr. Gaikwad sir, Mr. Punde sir, Mr. Bhale sir, Mr. Ghanwat sir along with the other employees of Govind Milk & Milk Products. All of them took the pledge to take good care of these plants and see them grow. It was ensured that all the safety measures of Covid19 are followed properly during this program.

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