Cow Milk

Healthy cow milk products are revered as complete food nourishment. As one of the most primary sources of nutrition for babies and elders, milk contains the right amounts of saturated fat, protein, calcium and Vitamin C. For millennials and young adults, an easy availability of dairy products online in India, offers swift access to Govind’s superiorly processed milk products such as butter, yogurt, lassi, ice-cream and cheese. Industrial science has brought us casein, whey protein, lactose, condensed milk, powdered milk, delectable food additives and advanced nutritional food gastronomy. With the availability of healthy cow milk products, consumers have greater liberty for balanced healthy dairy indulgence

India ranks as one of the largest producers and consumers of cattle milk in the world. As leading manufacturers of cow milk, Govind Milk has played a crucial role in introducing consumers to healthy cow milk products and exciting shopping deals for dairy products online in India.

Toned Milk

Govind Toned milk is categorized as one of the best cow milk products in India. Toned milk is known to impart greater nutrition and richer taste. Thus, for health conscious consumers, toned milk counts as a popular choice to buy online milk products. For perfect toned milk, buffalo milk is treated by adding skimmed milk, powdered skimmed milk and water into it. This technique was developed in India to decrease the fat content and increase the quantity of milk, while retaining the same nutritional values.

Double Toned Milk

With low fat content and high nutritional value, double toned milk is perfect for fitness enthusiasts. It is easily available for timely routine consumption, even when looking to buy fresh cow milk products online. One can consume it when hunger strikes, and when you need something handy and healthy.

With hassle free access to online cow milk products, purchasing Govind Double Toned Milk just got more easier for you.

Organic Cow Milk

Why compromise on procuring the best organic milk from a safe certified source, when you can get fresh and pure cow milk from Govind? Fresh and pure cow milk is a boon for consumers looking to gain wholesome nourishment from the best organic cow milk.

In today’s fast moving world, there is an increased focus on the health benefits of consuming the best organic cow milk and natural foods. Hence, consumer demand for fresh and pure cow milk has gone up many folds. Govind Milk consistently offers you fresh and pure cow milk, which is 100% Organic, and packed with nature’s nutritious  goodness.

Buffalo Milk

As one of the leading dairy product manufacturers in India, Govind Buffalo Milk is our exciting new offering for health enthusiasts. Considered as the best quality milk products, consuming a regular glass of buffalo milk offers attractive health benefits. When you drink buffalo milk, you get more protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Drinking a glass of buffalo milk every day boosts your natural sense of fullness, keeps irregular hunger pangs at bay, and helps in managing your weight and body fat. As buffalo milk is lower in water, but higher in fat, it is perfectly suitable for the production of best quality milk products or fat-based dairy products like butter, ghee, cheese and ice cream.

Standardized Milk

Milk can be used with combinations to get thr most its natural benefits. Standardised Milk is either a pure form of any milk like cow milk or buffalo milk or sheep milk or goat milk or a combination of any of these milk that has been standardised to fat and solids-not-fat percentage as per the set standards by the adjustment of milk solids. This milk contains a m8n of 4.5% fats and a min of 8.5% SNF.


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