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‘Every activity you do may or may not bring you profits, but it has to serve the society and help the farmers’ – His Highness Late Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar.

It runs in the family, the social sensibility. So, when Shri. Sanjeevraje Naik Nimbalkar thought of starting Govind Milk & Milk Products, he had the same thing in mind. It was what he has been learning since he was a child – to help others.

Sanjeevraje has been very well aware of the pain areas in Phaltan region and he always tried his best to come up with a solution. Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. is one such effort by the visionary entrepreneur with a princely background. Along with providing the premium quality milk &milk products, he ensured that the growth of the company also be led to the socio-economic development in the geographical area in and around the company, a radius of about 150 kilometers. Phaltan has seen the sweet results of his efforts in terms of growth in employment, well being of the farmers and quality life for them.

Established in the year of 1998, with a modern production process, Govind began to expand its horizon and set its eyes on a pan India network and taking the brand worldwide. This change is being driven by Mr. Sanjeev Naik Nimbalkar, the Chairman of the organization. The vision of the organization was and still continues to be, ‘Value to the farmers and Quality to the consumers’. It is this very vision that is providing the fodder for transformation into the next phase of growth.

Today’s consumer is modern and well informed. They are demanding about what they really need. They require the best quality and they are ready to spend. At the same time, there is a larger part of the society who still looks at the price as benchmark. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve good quality products. We, at Govind, have been working towards bringing a golden mean to cater both the segments of the society. The new goals for growth of the company set by Mr. Sanjeev Naik Nimbalkar are non-linear. This is not only about providing quality, milk is about hygiene and prompt delivery. These are these two prominent elements that make a milk producer a brand.

Any organisation who wants the instant recall for their brand, can’t work by relying on the thinking leadership alone. This needs to percolate throughout the organisation. Every employee should be driven by the vision their leader has set for them. They should make it a mission to make their brand as the most popular one. That’s what our MD did. Instead of focusing on the marketing efforts alone, he also set his eyes on his people. He saw to it that he talks to every department personally and make the changes possible. This was his vision that from a milk producing farmer to a delivery executive, every one of us understands the importance of increasing our brand value. Mr. Naik Nimbalkar also believes that for the success of this approach, the employees would need to develop a different mindset; a new set of competencies needs to be nurtured and a culture of meritocracy has to take over. The entire management the Govind is providing the leadership for this transformation by introducing and implementing several initiatives for organisational change such as the induction of right talent, implementation of technology, introduction of focused consulting, strengthening a performance oriented culture and introduction of work processes that impacts the employees and their productivity.

Quality Assurance:It’s quality that always comes first. Therefore, it becomes really vital to maintain the quality right from the source. We have always paid attention to this aspect right from our inception. Apart from installing high end machinery, we also took care of our farmers.

Milk Farmers:Milk farmers is the real asset we have. In order for them to understand this importance, we conduct a series of workshops for them where we demonstrate the kind of hygiene we required. The cattle are fed with natural fodder and they are allowed to roam around freely. The milking takes place at a well cleaned shade with the help of machines. The fully automatic process doesn’t allow any human to touch the milk.

Care of the cattle:We have a large team of veterinary professionals. They visit the farms on a regular basis. They ensure that the the cattle are in good health. They treat the cattle on the farm and transfer them to a vet hospital if needed. Happy cows produce happy and stress-free milk that ultimately reaches the consumer as the healthy drinks and eatables.

Transportation:Our fleet of milk tankers are sanitised before and after every trip. They help us keep the milk at the optimum temperature when it arrives the processing plant. Thus the high quality is maintained.

Processing:We have installed a state of the art processing plant to provide the best of milk and milk products to our customers. A fully integrated, state-of-the-art dairy processing unit at par with the international standards, with the capacity to process in excess of 10 lac liters of milk every day, is currently in use in Phaltan. Another Govind milk processing and packing units are located in Turbhe (near Mumbai), Ahmednagar and Yamkanmardi (Karnataka).

Packing & Delivery:The advanced packing machinery at our processing plant insures the touch free packaging and sealing. The bags and pouches are then stored at an optimum temperature in our cold storages. Further our strong delivery network takes care of prompt and hassle free delivery across Maharashtra and other states.

Farmers welfare:Govind helps dairy farmers to source funds from financial institutions by standing guarantee to it. The wealth of knowledge developed by the research scientists and veterinarians at Govind is passed on to the dairy farmers that helps in improving quality and quantity of milk. The unique partnering model used by Govind, has benefited multiple stakeholders. The quality of life and economics of the dairy farmer have improved. This has benefited the banks as farmers are able to repay their loans in time. Insurance companies stand to gain as cows are healthier and less prone to disease or death. The consumer gets better quality milk and milk products. The Dairy activities at Govind have generated a substantial employment in the area of Phaltan.

The Happy Makers:Mr. Sanjeev Naik Nimbalkar always says, “We as a brand spread the chain of happiness by taking responsibility of our farmers, partners and eventually our consumers. Our farmers are free and happy as we have taught them a new way of dairying and therefore a new way of living. We have introduced new techniques and processes that have made them self-reliant”. Govind’s endeavour is to keep every partner in the supply chain happy and in order to achieve this we have set up a fool proof system where everyone knows that if they do their job properly they are keeping the next one happy and they are happy in turn. To take this happiness ahead, Govind in 2014, launched a new brand campaign drawn on the line of a refreshed brand positioning, that is The Happy Makers.

All it began with a vision to bring the prosperity in the lives of dairy farmers in and around Phaltan. We have been working towards achieving the ever growing vision by our MD. It was just milk in the beginning. But slowly people started believing in us with our quality, pricing, taste & delivery and we began to expand our wings. Today, Govind supplies Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Ghee in the nationwide retail markets and also we provide milk as an ingredient to major Indian and international manufacturers of milk products. In the recent past we’ve won contracts to supply ghee to Tirupati Balaji temple used for preparing Prasadam for the devotees.

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