Spreading Happiness & Togetherness with Govind Milk & Milk Products

It’s time to usher in 2022 with brighter and healthier days! At Govind Milk & Milk Products, it has always been our endeavour to bring the best of nutrition, taste, and flavour to our customers with our wide range of product offerings. Whether you want to start your day on a healthy note, indulge in some afternoon cravings, spend evenings with friends and have fun, or end the day with your special someone – there’s always a Govind treat waiting to elevate your mood and your taste buds!

We only deliver superior quality and super tasty products to spread happiness and togetherness all around! 

As ‘The Happy Makers’, we are all set to distribute wider smiles this year!

A Healthy Start to Your Day

Govind Milk brings you the best quality milk products to begin your day on a healthy and happy note. You can choose from our certified organic milk, 100% pure cow milk, toned milk, buffalo milk or Standardized milk for a glassful of energy and enthusiasm. If you like making tea or coffee in the morning, our double-toned milk, milk powder, and dairy whitener are also great options to add to your favourite beverages.

Subscribe to our fresh cow milk products online and get happiness delivered to your doorstep – every morning!

A Tempting Mid-Morning Drink

Struggling to get through a highly demanding day? Take a short break with Govind Funzz – delicious flavoured milk that boosts your spirits and adds a fun-filled element to your mundane routine. Our flavoured milk is available in mango, pista, chocolate, rose, kesar, butterscotch, and many other tempting flavours in a ready-to-drink way!

A Lunch Feast

Whether you’re inviting guests over or cooking up a feast for yourself, Govind Milk’s Shrikhand and Amrakhand are the perfect addition to satiate your taste buds. Buy our fresh Amrakhand and Shrikhand and serve it with your main course or as a dessert at the end of your lunch! Don’t forget the fresh, creamy and thick Govind Dahi that makes every lunch tastier and healthier!

Last but not least, Govind Ghee and Hills & Valleys Organic Ghee are companions of lunchtime as just one spoonful on your rotis will make you feel like royalty! The ghee is made from 100% pure cow milk and spreads dollops of happiness and flavour to your lunch. Shop for pure cow ghee online in India at Govind Milk.

A Fit & Flavourful Evening

Drink up before you head out for some entertainment or fun! Govind Milk’s fresh Lassi and Chaas refresh your mind and body and energize your soul, too! Improve your immunity with these highly healthy and rich drinks! Choose from Plain or Masala Chaas, Lassi or Mango Lassi – as per your mood and cravings!

A Royal Dinner

Hosting a special dinner party at home? Govind Milk & Milk Products help you prepare the most indulgent treats for your guests. Choose from our Fresh and Malai Paneer to make your favourite curry, and add our delicious dessert mixes to your menu for countless compliments. Govind Milk brings you Basundi Mix, Gulab Jamun Mix, Rice Kheer Mix, Ragi Kheer Mix, and Shahi Dry Fruit Kheer Mix with simple and easy to follow steps. Many of these dessert mixes can be completed in just 2 steps, in the comfort of your home! Set out a table of royalty with these delicious mixes.

A Delectable Dessert

They say, ‘ice cream solves everything’ and at Govind Milk, we definitely agree! Ice cream is the best way to end your day and indulge in truly delightful flavours that take you back to your childhood. The Funzz Asli Ice Cream is made from full cream cow milk and comes in bestselling flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, Pista, Butterscotch, Strawberry and Mango!

We’re changing the way families consume milk and milk products. We’re adding health, nutrition and taste to your daily lives and bringing you countless flavours and reasons to smile and be happy!

After all, The Happy Makers love spreading smiles and warmth through food and drinks!

Contact us on 1800 123 0124 to begin your journey with us today!

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